Ambiguous Preventive Maintenance Programs May 7, 2012 4:02:00pm

A recent job posting listed a desirable characteristic as:
Tolerance for Ambiguity: Functions effectively in situations of less than perfect or incomplete information. Is able to make decisions in ambiguous situations and uses intuition to assist with the assessment of situations.

The term “tolerance for ambiguity“ has been around for some time. This characteristic has been researched extensively as well as its counterpart: intolerance to ambiguity. There are even scales to measure a person’s tolerance to ambiguity. This might be a desirable attribute for that position and, dare we say, many situations. However, when it comes to preventive maintenance on plastics processing equipment – be it injection molding, extrusion or blow molding – the need for complete information, gathered in structured, discipline programs, is key. Preventive maintenance programs provide the opportunity to track component wear life and help explain variations experienced in a process over time. Reiloy Westland Corporation has prepared a small booklet that can be used to begin an effective preventive maintenance program. Call or email us to receive a free copy.

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