Top Ten Reasons To Work With Reiloy Westland Corporation September 6, 2012 2:13:00pm

We know you have options for barrel and screw suppliers. Below are the top ten reasons we believe Reiloy Westland Corporation is the best.


Custom design is not just a phrase we banter around. We thrive on it. We realize the design of your screw can mean the difference between mediocre performance and high profit productivity.


Everything fits. Reiloy Westland Corporation takes the extra steps to ensure your components fit right out of the box. Are we 100% perfect? No ... but the averages are definitely on your side.


Partnership is our mantra. If you are looking for just another screw and barrel supplier – we might not fit. We want to partner with you on component design and process parameters ... and believe the best results are achieved by working together.


Results you can measure. We believe if you can’t measure it ... you can’t manage it. Our goal is to manufacture screws and barrels that produce actual results.


Education is key in our world. Don’t care about screw design? OK! But if it helps to understand how channel depths affect your process ... we’re your guys. In fact Reiloy Westland Corporation’s Barrel and Screw Handbook explains more than you probably want to know about screws and barrels.


Compatibility where it matters. Of course we want you to like us. But more importantly, we make sure the resins you process are compatible with the material of your screw and barrel. Otherwise, they will wear prematurely.


We don’t pretend to know it all. If we are not familiar with the resin you are running, be assured we will work with the resin supplier in order to know it intimately in the process of designing your components.


Size doesn’t matter. Whether you are a one machine shop or a multiple location corporation, meeting your production goals is important to us.


If we can’t do it ... we will tell you. There is a certain anxiety encountered around discussions of lead time. That is why we are totally up front. We won’t project a date just to get an order.


We are passionate about the plastic processing business ... and it shows in how we treat our customers and the quality of the components we manufacture.

Call Reiloy Westland Corporation today with any new screw and barrel or repair needs at 800-247-1144. We look forward to working with you.

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