Liquid Crystal Polymer

Symbol: LCP
Crystallinity: Crystalline
Trade Names: Vectra, Xydar, Ekkcel

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LCP Connecter Fotolia_35038558_S-1.jpgLCP is a self-reinforcing, highly crystalline polyarylate that produces a very tough part with excellent electrical properties, is chemically inert and is resistant to exposure, hydrolysis and flame. It is molded at very high temperatures (550 – 800°) and is outstanding for high-temperature long-wear parts.

Processing Considerations:

  • Residence Time: Residence time is typically between 1.5 to 4 minutes.
  • Back Pressure: Back pressure should be 200 PSI (2000 Plastic Pressure) or less.
  • Drying: Drying this material is recommended..
  • RPM: RPM is normally 30 or greater.

Screw Design Based on:

  • High Compression Ratio
  • Medium Transition Length
  • Shallow Meter Channel Depth

Other Information:

  • *Mixer:*Low to high shear mixing screws can be used to process LCP.
  • Barrier: Residence time will determine the usefulness of a barrier designed screw.
  • Custom Design: Optimal processing of LCP requires a special screw design which takes into account clearances between the screw and barrel.
  • Recommended Valve: Valves can be 3-piece free-flow, 3-piece locking, 4-piece or ball check.
  • Screw & Barrel Material Recommendation: Do NOT use chrome-plated screws. Processing temperature is too high. Components manufactured from special alloys are required.

Various additives and/or fillers can have an effect on a resin’s process behavior. For more detailed information, please contact Reiloy Westland Corporation.

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