Symbol: PEEK
Crystallinity: Crystalline
Trade Names: Victrex


PEEK is a partially crystalline material with excellent resistance to heat, chemicals and creep. It is especially useful in electrical components. PEEK is tough and abrasion resistant and satisfies the demands of the aerospace industry. It is SHEAR SENSITIVE but not heat sensitive.

Processing Considerations:

  • Residence Time: Residence time is typically between 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Back Pressure: Back pressure should run at 250 PSI (2500 plastic pressure) or less.
  • Drying: PEEK material must be dried.
  • RPM: Standard RPM is 30 or greater.

Screw Design Based on:

  • Medium Compression Ratio
  • Medium Transition Length
  • Medium Meter Channel Depth

Other Information:

  • Mixer: A low shear mixer, like Reiloy Westland Corporation’s Eagle mixer, can be used in processing PEEK.
  • Barrier: A barrier screw is typically not recommended.
  • Custom Design: A custom screw designed to process PEEK will produce better results than a general purpose screw.
  • Recommended Valve: Use a 3-piece free flow valve to process PEEK.
  • Screw & Barrel Material Recommendation: Do NOT use standard materials to manufacture screws due to the processing temperature. Special alloys are required for wear resistance.
  • Similar to Resin: PEEK processes like PC (polycarbonate) with a slightly higher compression ratio and shallower meter flight depth.

Various additives and/or fillers can have an effect on a resin’s process behavior. For more detailed information, please contact Reiloy Westland Corporation.

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