Reinforced Polyethylene Terephthalate

Symbol: R-PET
Crystallinity: Crystalline
Trade Names: Rynite, Petra, Maxnite, Valox


R-PET connector Fotolia_34967839_M.jpgModified PET resins are offered with up to 55% glass-fibre reinforcement and mineral/glass up to 30 + 35%. They have good dimensional stability, excellent strength, good electrical, heat deflection and chemical resistance properties, making them suitable for electrical, automotive, appliance and industrial uses.

Processing Considerations:

  • Residence Time: Residence time is typically 1.5 to 4 minutes.
  • Back Pressure: Back pressure runs 150 PSI (1500 plastic pressure) or less.
  • Drying: R-PET must be dried. If not dried sufficiently, the virgin resin will become contaminated when blended back in.
  • RPM: RPM runs 25 – 200.

Screw Design Based on:

  • Medium Compression Ratio
  • Medium Transition Length
  • Medium Meter Channel Depth

Other Information:

  • Mixer: A low shear mixing element, like Reiloy Westland Corporation’s Eagle, will provide a better melt quality.
  • Barrier: Barrier screws are not recommended when processing R-PET.
  • Custom Design: Custom designed screws for R-PET are recommended over general purpose designs..
  • Recommended Valve: 3-piece free flow, 3-piece locking or 4-piece valves are recommended.
  • Screw & Barrel Material Recommendation: Premium alloys are required for components processing R-PET.

R-PET is nucleated with an ionomer containing a plasticizer to help attain properties in its crystalline state. Do not contaminate with PBT and do not vent. R-PET is a much higher flow material than R-PA.

Various additives and/or fillers can have an effect on a resin’s process behavior. For more detailed information, please contact Reiloy Westland Corporation.

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