Barrel Materials Guidelines

Wear Resistant Barrels

Although barrel design is in the province of the machine manufacturer, there are several choices of materials from which the barrel may be manufactured. Except in rare instances, the outer shell of most barrels is made from a 4100 series alloy steel to achieve needed strength. There are several alternative types of linings available which resist wear. They include nitriding, tool steels and cast bimetallic linings. Reiloy Westland Corporation has long been the industry leader in tool-steel lined barrels, but now offers all of the alternative lining materials in the following chart:


Barrel Lining Material

Acceptability for Wear Conditions



Mild Normal Severe Normal Severe  
  Nitride (Gas) OK Poor N/A Poor N/A  
  Cast Bimetallic:    
       Standard lining Good OK Poor Poor N/A  
       Corrosion lining Good OK Poor Best Good  
       Premium lining Best Best Good Best Good  
  Tool Steel-Lined:    
       D2 Good OK Poor OK N/A  
       PM10V * Best Best Good OK N/A  
       PMS90V * Good OK Poor Good Poor  

N/A = Not acceptable            * Particle Metallurgy Process


There are special alloys, such as Nickel 718, Monel K-500 and 17-4PH that are quite good in selected environments. Call or email for additional information.

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