Cast bimetallic barrels are manufactured by metallurgically bonding the lining alloy to the inner surface of a pre-machined, seamless steel tube, forging or bar stock. The bonding is achieved by heating the barrel (and the lining alloy) to the point where the alloy is melted. The barrel is then spun and cooled, centrifugally casting the alloy on the inner surface of the barrel. The casting is typically .040” – .080” in depth.

The linings range from standard abrasion-resistant, to corrosion-resistant, to premium – each providing different degrees of wear resistance.

Reiloy Westland Corporation manufactures bimetallic barrels in-house using Reiloy cast bimetallic barrel blanks. We now carry in inventory common sizes of these barrel blanks in order to meet our customer’s needs.

Reiloy barrel blanks differ from other bimetallic barrels in two distinct ways. First, Reiloy produces all the outstanding alloys used in making their barrels. They are developed in their own material laboratory and are continuously tested under tough operating conditions.

The second difference is Reiloy’s proven production process. Typically bimetallic barrels are heated in a gas furnace. After removal, they are centrifugally cast in ambient air, providing opportunity for residual stress due to localized cooling. This can cause straightening problems.

Reiloy bimetallic barrels, on the other hand, are heated by electrical fields which cover the entire surface at once. They are then cooled under controlled conditions, guaranteeing a barrel absolutely free from distortion. This eliminates the need for time-consuming, labor intensive straightening operations.

Refer to the Barrel Material Guideline table, or talk to one of our process sales engineers by calling Reiloy Westland Corporation at 800-247-1144 to discuss your particular processing environment.

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