Reiloy Westland Corporation offers full-length relining of barrels up to four inches in diameter and 115 inches in length, using premium tool steels and special alloys, depending upon the customer’s need.

The decision to reline a barrel rather than replace it should be based on the economics of the situation. For further information, visit the reline versus replace page under our processing tips.

For reline consideration, ship any barrel to Reiloy Westland Corporation at the following address (being sure to include your contact information):

Reiloy Westland Corporation
1735 S. Maize Rd.
Wichita, KS 67209

Upon receipt, our quality control personnel will do a thorough inspection of your barrel. That information is then sent to our sales department who will contact you with a quote for repair, either by phone or fax. At that time you will have the option of proceeding with the work (upon Reiloy Westland Corporation’s receipt of your purchase order), having Reiloy Westland Corporation return the barrel to you or having us destroy it.

Reiloy Westland Corporation’s stocking program provides an excellent vehicle to recycle worn barrels, having them on hand when your situation demands a new or relined barrel – eliminating costly down time.

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