Tool Steel-Lined

Premature and uneven barrel wear is expensive in terms of both replacement costs and lost process efficiency. Reiloy Westland Corporation barrels are lined with an A-11 tool steel for exceptional longevity and uniform wear. For low abrasion applications, we keep your costs down by using D-2 tool steel. Please refer to the Barrel Material Guideline table.

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PM10V is a particle metallurgy tool steel that is heat treated to Rc 62-64. It offers a microstructure with vanadium carbides from its nearly 10% vanadium content which makes this steel one of the most abrasion resistant materials available.


D-2 is a tool steel heat-treated to Rc 58-60. It is a relatively inexpensive, high carbon – high chromium steel with proven, uniform wear resistance surpassing most other steels.

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