Eagle® Barrier Screw

The Ultimate Processing Solution.

The Eagle® Barrier Screw combines the advantages of the Eagle® mixer with the plastic melting efficiency of the barrier screw design. Its “solids and melt” channels provide the effective melting of all resins, especially the “hard-to-melt” crystalline resins.

The material is then conveyed through the mixer to produce a high quality, isothermal melt. The Eagle® Barrier may be the answer for processing difficult materials, whether using an injection molding screw or blow molding screw, or extrusion screw.

The design of the barrier portion of the screw and the mixer itself is dependent upon the type of material being processed and whether the application is injection molding, blow molding or extrusion. The Eagle® Barrier has been Reiloy Westland Corporation’s most effective design for all types of extrusion applications and has worked effectively in injection molding high melt index materials.

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