Injection Molding Screws

General Purpose – Specifically Tailored

The selection of the proper injection molding screw design for a given processing environment should be based on the resin or resins to be processed. There are no standards in the plastics industry for a general purpose injection molding screw design.

The OEM general purpose injection molding screw designs are each different. A processor must be diligent in understanding an OEM GP design and how it will affect the way the resin melts. Each design will process differently.

In an injection molding plant utilizing machines manufactured by different OEMs, more than likely there will be jobs that run better on some than others. Due to the different OEM GP designs, obtaining the proper residence times and shear rates to achieve an homogenous isothermal melt quality on each machine may be difficult to do. Some resins cannot tolerate high shear rates, higher temperatures and/or longer residence times.

The injection molding screw geometry needs to match the resin. The more the melt and shear curve of a material(s) is accommodated, the greater the opportunity to achieve a high quality, homogenous isothermal melt quality.

Reiloy Westland Corporation has a strong reputation for developing custom – general purpose – injection molding screw designs tailored to making the same job run similarly on all machines in a particular plant.

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