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Screw repair consists of rebuilding the flights to the OEM diameter specification and rechroming or renitriding the surface, if required. A properly rebuilt and polished injection molding screw, extrusion or blow-molding screw can be as effective as a new one and an economical alternative to a new screw purchase.


The decision to repair a screw rather than purchase a new replacement generally should be based on:

  • the size of the screw;
  • the amount of wear on the root of the screw;
  • the design of the screw.

Our recommendation is:

“If the design of the worn screw matches your processing needs and the root is not worn enough to alter that design, rebuild it.”

Exception: On smaller screws (under 50mm or 2”), a new tool steel screw with increased wear resistance can be purchased at a cost comparable to having a chrome screw rebuilt.

Due to the various types of wear, it is best to have your screw manufacturer evaluate the screw and help guide you in making the right decision for your process. (To learn more about screw wear, see processing tips.)

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