Stocking Program

Reiloy USA offers a service to customers to facilitate the timely availability of new and reconditioned barrels, screws, valves and end caps. This service, referred to as the Barrel & Screw Stocking Program, is outlined below: (to request a PDF file of the following, send an email to and put Stocking Program in the subject line)

New Barrels & Screws

  • Process the customer order based on anticipated requirements for the ensuing year.
  • Forward prints of the components required to the customer for approval.
  • Manufacture the components to the approved print specifications, ready for identification and placement in consigned inventory.

Reconditioned Screws & Barrels

  • Receive the barrel or screw in need of repair and clean and inspect them, ready for rebuilding.
  • Notify the customer of the recommended repair requirements, type of materials to be used and repair cost, prior to the commencement of work.
  • After receiving customer approval of the repair work, complete the agreed upon repairs ready for identification and placement in consigned inventory.

All Components

  • Mark each barrel or screw with appropriate identifying numbers (Reiloy USA’s work order number and any requested customer ID), package for shipment and place in consigned inventory ready for immediate shipment.
  • Provide the customer with a monthly report of all barrels and screws in process and those in the consigned inventory, ready for shipment.
  • Ship requested components to the customer, as requested, within 24 business hours of notification to ship. Labels and shipping papers will contain the identifying numbers for the components shipped.
  • Upon shipment, the customer will be invoiced for the cost of the components at agreed upon prices. There is no stocking fee or carrying charge for this service. Reiloy USA invoices are due Net 30 days.
  • Any unshipped components will be held by Reiloy USA in the consigned inventory for one year from date of completion. When one year has elapsed, the customer will be invoiced for the cost of such components, as described above, and shipped to the customer or held in inventory, as requested by the customer. All valves shipped after one year.
  • A $150 restocking fee applies on orders returned to utilize Reiloy USA’s stocking program when hard copy purchase order does not clearly state the order is for inventory.

Please contact Reiloy USA’s sales department at 800-247-1144 if you have any questions regarding this program or other services.

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