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Diversified Plastic Solutions Now Representing Reiloy USA

Reiloy USA is proud to announce that Diversified Plastic Solutions (DPS) is now representing our high performance, high quality screws and barrels in the US States of Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana and Arkansas plus the Mexican States of Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas.

DPS values relationships. They are inspired by industry leading people and technologies! Considered a premier agency in the Southwest, DPS represents “The Best” of the plastic industry suppliers.

Feel free to contact them today for a quote on any repair or replacement screw and barrel needs.

Call them at 972-757-8267 or click here to visit their website

Precisely Engineered Screws and Barrels, Perfectly Built.

The right screw and barrel combination can make the difference between mediocre performance and high-profit productivity.

  • Improve cycle times for specialized applications.
  • Optimize performance in machines that need to run multiple plastic resins.

Reiloy USA’s patented designs and commitment to excellence can help your company produce better products, more cost-effective processes and higher profits.

From custom designed injection molding screws to screws built for both extrusion and blow-molding processes, Reiloy USA’s plastics processing screws have been helping our customers exceed expectations.

You need a screw and barrel manufacturer with the engineering expertise to find precisely the right set-up for your process. At Reiloy USA, we work with you to evaluate your processing needs in order to recommend the best screw, barrel, or other component design for your particular application.

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Reiloy USA Honored

Reiloy USA has received an award from the Wichita Business Journal. During their Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution Awards ceremony, Reiloy USA was recognized in two categories – Job Growth plus Research and Development. Reiloy USA has grown in personnel in all aspects of the company. This increase is fueled by our desire to provide quality product and excellent service to our customers. Reiloy USA has long been a technology leader in the plastics industry. We are honored to be recognized for these efforts. Congratulations to all the employees of Reiloy USA. Shown in the picture is the Reiloy USA sales team: (front row L to R): Ross Weber, Cindy Hogarth and Tim Chesser; (back row L to R): Ed Vandegrift, Rick Graves and Randy Wise.


This 4th of July Declare Your Freedom from Blockage in Your Process

Have you ever had a process where five shots are inventoried in the barrel, but a defect can be found every 10 or 20 shots? That can be the result of blockage occurring in your screw. Learn more about this issue and ways to combat it. Click on the following link to access Reiloy USA’s informative booklet on Preventing Blockage In Your Process.

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Reiloy USA Celebrates 1st Year in New Facility

Time really does fly. It doesn’t seem possible that Reiloy USA has been in our new facility for one year! The move has brought improvement in many areas with more room for production and growth. We invite you to visit us soon.

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Reiloy USA’s 30 Year Club

April 11th, Reiloy USA recognized Wayne Hook for his 30 years with the company. What started out as a part time job sweeping floors has turned into a great career at Reiloy USA. Wayne is our IT And Engineering Director. Needless to say, he plays an important role in our organization. Wayne now joins what is becoming a “not so exclusive” club here at Reiloy USA. Wayne, second from the left, is pictured with Teresa Holst, Charlie Girrens, and Jeremy Brown who have all worked at Reiloy USA for over 30 years. We have had at least one 30 year retiree plus five more employees will be joining the 30 year club in the next two years. That experience flows over into the quality components and service which are the foundation of this company. It may sound cliché but it is the truth, our employees are our greatest asset. They really do make the difference.

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Weingärtner mpmc Update

Reiloy USA’s multi product machining center is the first-in-the-U.S. model 600-6000 mpmc from Weingärtner Maschinenbau GmbH of Kirchham, Austria. It is the third machine of this type for the plastics industry. The other units are in Austria and Germany. We are very excited about the opportunity for increasing customer satisfaction with the increased capabilities of this remarkable new machine. Our employees look forward to serving you in 2016!

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These pictures show the machine from the front and back. It takes an impressive array of equipment, electrical components, and technology (housed in the cabinets on the back) to get the most out of this machine. Reiloy USA employees have been to the Weingärtner facility several times for training plus attended the final run-off and testing which was completed during the week of June 8th.

This machine will manufacture both screws and barrels. Not all of our competitors do what we do ... most do screws or barrels but not both in the same facility.

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Reiloy USA Hosts Open House

September 3rd was the day Reiloy USA and Reifenhauser Incorporated opened the doors of our new building to show off our new facility. It is hard to imagine that in 10 short months we went from a groundbreaking ceremony to an open house. Visitors at the event included customers, representatives, vendors, contractors plus friends and family of our employees.

Attendees were able to take a self-guided tour to learn how Reiloy USA manufactures screws and barrels. At each step were samples of the product (before and after) and employees happy to describe in detail what their particular function entails. CNC programming, engineering and sales also had displays for our guests.

Shown in the pictures above are:
Photo 1: People attending the open house, touring the plant floor.

Photo 2: Participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony (from left to right) are Donna Clasen & Karen Fitzmeyer, Maize City Council members; Richard LaMunyon, Maize City Administrator; Bill Johnson, Evans Building Company; Deborah Larson; Clair Donnelly, City of Maize Mayor; Thomas Porstner, Managing Director of Reiloy Metall; Dave Larson, President of Reiloy USA and Reifenhauser Incorporated; Bernd Reifenhäuser, CEO of the Reifenhäuser Gruppe; David Harris, Union State Bank.

Photo 3: Attending the Open House (from left to right) are Florian Bachmair, General Manager – Reifenhauser Incorporated; Steve DeSpain, Vice President – Reifenhauser Incorporated; Dave Larson, President – Reiloy USA & Reifenhauser Incorporated; Thomas Porstner, Managing Director – Reiloy Metall; Bernd Reifenhauser, CEO – Reifenhäuser Gruppe; Zheng-Yong Yang, Director Tax & Finance International – Reifenhäuser Gruppe.

_DSC3870.jpgA popular point of interest was the new Weingärtner multi product machining center currently in assembly in Reiloy USA’s plant. This remarkable machine is expected to be in production by October 15, 2015.

Reiloy Westland Becomes Reiloy USA

ReiloyUSA Web logo.jpg The company has been a part of the Troisdorf, Germany based Reiloy Metall business unit of the Reifenhäuser Gruppe since being acquired in December 2012. Changing the name to Reiloy USA reflects the broader support and knowledge the company has available and its full integration as a part of the Reifenhäuser organization.

“Westland Corporation had built a solid reputation in the plastics industry for high performance screws and barrels. Being a part of the Reifenhäuser Gruppe these past two plus years has proved very beneficial to our operations. Their support and belief in our people has provided the opportunity to grow our markets and capabilities,” stated company President Dave Larson. “Reiloy Metall has drawn upon our extensive knowledge in the injection molding field while Reiloy USA has benefited from their expertise in extrusion.”

“We are continually finding ways to work together. This combination of technology and experience brings much expectation for the future. The Westland name certainly provided a strong foundation for that future,” added Larson.

Reiloy USA is the only manufacturing facility in North America for the Reifenhäuser Gruppe and has just moved into a new facility, doubling their available manufacturing space. The branding on the company’s new building will be Reiloy USA.

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Monday, June 29th – We are in our new building!

Everything (and everyone) has made its way the nine short miles to our new building. This facility is 55,000 sq ft – a little over double the size of the building we have occupied since 1987. We look forward to fulfilling your screw and barrel needs even more efficiently from this state-of-the art facility. All phone numbers remain the same and are working now! Below is our new address:

Reiloy USA
12260 W 53rd Street North
Maize KS 67101

The pictures on the left show the length of the manufacturing facility, the screw polishing area and the engineering offices. Announcement of our open house will be posted here. You are invited to attend as we are anxious to show everyone this wonderful, new, specially designed building.


We are pleased to announce that Reiloy Westland Corporation is now ISO 9001:2008 certified for our quality management system. We trust this achievement demonstrates to you our commitment to manufacturing the highest quality products backed by the highest quality service. Manufacturing high performance components custom designed for specific applications is our number one priority. In fact it is our passion. This ISO accreditation is further evidence of our commitment to ensure the best quality screws and barrels for all of our customers. We are proud of this achievement and wanted to share it with you.


20150404_145311.jpg Reiloy Westland’s building is steadily progressing, with completion slated for June 2015. This state-of-the-art building is being designed to increase efficiencies during every step of production and support. The 55,000 sq ft facility is over double the size of Reiloy Westland’s current location. As one might imagine, there is a lot to do when making a move like this and all employees have been working diligently on their particular aspects to make sure the move goes smoothly. A close look provides the view of a block building among the beams. This is the employee’s safe place to go when the Kansas storms loom! Keep watching for more pictures of the progress.

NPE 2015

PITT STATE.jpg NPE 2015 is over and proved to be a busy, successful time for Reiloy Westland’s booth. Pictured here are a group of students from Pittsburg State University, in Pittsburg Kansas, who visited our booth. If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend NPE or get by our displays, contact us today to learn about the latest in screw and barrel technology. Reiloy personnel pictured with the students are, from left to right, George Jansen, Tim Chesser, Randy Wise and Wayne Hook.

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