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Higher profits and better products don’t come easy to any manufacturer; they result from original thinking. At Reiloy Westland Corporation, we treat every day as an opportunity to push the limits of performance, to refine our processes and products. Our people bring enthusiasm, ingenuity and experience to the challenge of producing better molding components. We can help you think differently about your cycle times, product quality – and profit margins.

These newsletters contain information to help you improve your processing. Call us if you have questions regarding the information. We are anxious to help.

Vol 1 Iss 3: Repair/Replacement
Vol 2 Iss 1: Barrel Material Guideline
Vol 2 Iss 2: Screw Material Guidelines
Vol 2 Iss 3: Screw Design
Vol 3 Iss 1: Processing Considerations
Vol 3 Iss 2: Machine Maintenance
Vol 3 Iss 3: Component Wear
Vol 4 Iss 1: Screw Geometry & Resins
Vol 4 Iss 2: Barrel Heat Profiles Simplified
Vol 4 Iss 3: Replacement Guidelines
Vol 5 Iss 1: Recognizing Wear
Vol 5 Iss 2: Preventing Blockage
Vol 6 Iss 1: High Temp Resins
Vol 6 Iss 2: Residence Time
Vol 7 Iss 1: Compression Ratio
Vol 7 Iss 2: Process Profiling
Vol 8 Iss 1: Preventive Maintenance

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