Wear Resistant Surface Treatment That Pays Off

Extend the service life of your screws and barrels with the right alloys to secure product quality, process stability and profitability.

Rely on Reiloys metallurgical expertise and manufacturing know-how

Get wear resistant surfaces precisely matched to the raw materials used and their additives

Enjoy longer service life of your barrels and screws and increase your profitably


Wear Protection Determines the Profitability of Your Plasticizing Unit

Insufficient wear protection can become a serious problem. Screw and barrel wear can result in uncontrolled process fluctuations. This can have a negative impact on product properties and profits. Even worse, wear can cause production downtime. With a powerful combination of metallurgical expertise and manufacturing know-how, we assist you in counteracting wear, so you can be more profitable.

Wear: The mechanisms

Wear mechanisms in a plasticizing unit overlap: 

  • abrasion
  • adhesion
  • corrosion

The impact of these wear mechanisms is mainly dependent on the corrosivity, viscosity and hardness of the resin, plus the hardness, form and amount of added fillers. 

Equipment that has wear outside of the design specification can result in dimensional, aesthetic and stress related issues which ultimately has an impact on the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)

Wear: The countermeasures

Based on our detailed knowledge of these wear mechanisms and how they interact, we can apply suitable countermeasures against wear on screws and barrels by employing material combinations and specific surface protection – so that your machines achieve an extremely long service life.

Powerful combination of metallurgical expertise and manufacturing know-how

Precisely matched to the requirements of the raw materials used and their additives

Verifiably longer barrel service life compared to the competition

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Save Costs With Excellent Alloys

The wide range of alloys on the market can be confusing. Our experts guide you through the options and cooperate with you to find the alloy that is best suited for your production. 

Alloys for Barrels



Iron Based Alloy with primarily solidified Chrome Carbides, great wear package at an economical price.

Technical Data
Wear resistance +++
Corrosion resistance +++
Layer thickness 1.5 mm
Roughness Ra min. 0.2 – max. 0.8
Inner diameter 14 – 400 mm
Outside diameter max. 600 mm
Length max. 9,000 mm
Hardness at room temperature min. 65 HRC
Main alloy component Cr, Ni, Mo, B
Structural description Martensitic iron-based alloy with primarily solidified chrome carbides and Carbo-Boride Phases



Nickel Matrix Alloy with Tungsten Carbides with an exceptional corrosion and superior wear resistance.

Technical Data
Wear resistance+++++
Corrosion Resistance+++++
Layer thicknessmin. 1.0 mm
Roughness Ramin. 0.3 – max. 0.8
Inner diameter15 – 300 mm
Outside diametermax. 600 mm
Lengthmax. 9,000 mm
Hardness at room temperaturemin. 59 HRC
Main alloy componentW, Cr, B
Structural descriptionDispersive hardening of a highly corrosive resistant Ni-matrix alloy with thermally stable tungsten carbides



Nickel-Cobalt Alloy with Chromium Carbides results in an exceptional corrosion resistant package.

Technical Data
Wear resistance+
Corrosion Resistance+++++
Layer thicknessmin. 1.5 mm
Roughness Ramin. 0.2 – max. 0.8
Inner diameter15 – 105 mm
Outside diametermax. 350 mm
Lengthmax. 3,000 mm
Hardness at room temperaturemin. 55 HRC, Di > 60 mm min. 47 HRC
Main alloy componentCo, Cr, B
Structural descriptionNickel-cobalt base alloy with fine precipitation of primary solidified nickel borides and eutectically solidified chromium carbides

Specialty Wear and High Corrosion


Nickel Matrix Alloy with common Tungsten Carbides providing both wear, and high corrosion resistance.

Technical Data
Wear resistance ++++
Corrosion Resistance +++++
Layer thickness min. 1.0 mm
Roughness Ra min. 0.2 – max. 0.8
Inner diameter 18 – 165 mm
Outside diameter max. 290 mm
Length max. 3,000 mm
Hardness at room temperature min. 58 HRC
Main alloy component W, Cr, B
Structural description Dispersive hardening of a highly corrosive resistant Ni-matrix alloy with common tungsten carbides

Alloys for Screws

Welded Screws - Flight Weldments

Colmonoy ®56 

Nickel-Based Hard Surfacing Alloy – Typical Surfacing

Technical Data
Surface Hardness           46-51Rc
Elements          B, C, CR, Fe, Ni, Si

Colmonoy ®57

Nickel-Based Hard Surfacing Alloy

Technical Data
Surface Hardness           47-52 Rc
Elements           B, C, Cr, Fe, Ni, Si, W

Colmonoy ®83

Nickel-Chromium-Boron Matrix Alloy with Tungsten Carbide

Technical Data
Surface Hardness          50-55 Rc
Elements          B, C, Cr, Fe, Ni, Si, W

Stellite™ 6 Alloy

Cobalt-based alloy

Technical Data
Surface hardness           36-45 Rc
Elements          Co, Cr, W, C

Stellite™ 12 Alloy

Cobalt-based alloy

Technical Data
Surface Hardness45-51 Rc
ElementsCo, Cr, W, C

Through Hardened Tool Steels for Screws


Through Hardened Tool Steel – 9% Vanadium Carbide – 5.25% Chromium

Technical Data
Surface Hardness          54-56 Rc
Elements          C, Mg, Si, Cr, Mo, V

CPM® S90V (420V)

Through Hardened Tool Steel – 9% Vanadium Carbide – 14% Chromium

Technical Data
Surface Hardness          54-56 Rc
Elements          C, Cr, V, Mo

Special Alloys for Screws

Hastelloy C-276

Nickel-Molybdenum-Chromium Alloy with a small amount of Tungsten and Iron

Technical Data
Surface Hardness Rb 87
Elements Ni, Mo, Cr, Fe, W, Co, Mn, V, Si, P, C, S


Nickel Chromium composition

Technical Data
Surface Hardness 43-45 Rc
Elements Ni, Ch, multiple trace elements

Only Reiloy Wear Protection Is Based on Hard Alloys Developed and Produced In-House with Our Own Powders Ensuring Consistent Top-Quality

We have developed our own centrifugal technology in our production facilities. This total production chain from a single source provides us with control over every process. This ensures unrivaled, consistent quality across a wide range of sizes. To provide economical wear protection that is optimally matched to the raw materials used.

Metallurgical know-how and our own material laboratory

Inhouse powder production based on our own recipes

Unique Reiloy casting process for outstanding wear resistant surfaces

Know-how and experience to perfectly match the materials of screws and barrels

Advantage: ceramic phase

Reiloy USA's iron-based alloy R121 offers better wear protection due to its significantly higher concentration and the larger size of the ceramic phases, but not at greater costs.

Advantage: larger carbides

Our nickel-based alloys R241 and R239 feature carbides that are ten times larger than those normally found on the market, making them much more resistant to abrasive forces.

Premium Bimetallic

Our nickel-based alloy R241 is optimized so that its wear and corrosion protection is effective against particularly large numbers of attacks from challenging raw materials.

Specialty Wear

The Reiloy nickel-based alloy R239 offers an advanced carbide structure in a nickel alloy matrix that provides a superior corrosive solution while also providing a high wear advantage.

Process-optimizing surface

Reiloy USA wear protection is outstanding due to its unique surface quality and stability, providing a consistent process optimization across the entire product range. 

Reiloy iron-based alloys in competitive comparison

Reiloy nickel-based alloys in competitive comparison


Reiloy USA wear protection highlights

"Our analyses have confirmed what is already taught in materials science studies: Wear protection depends not only on macro-hardness, but on the entire microstructure."

Dr. Anna Rottstege

Head of Research & Development

Read the entire interview here


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Find the right wear protection with our experts

Our experts determine the optimum interaction between barrel and screw armor for each plasticizing unit and select the appropriate surface treatment. 

We are the only screw and barrel manufacturer to develop and produce the hard material alloys and even the powders required for wear protection in-house in our own materials laboratory. This means we offer expertise across the entire process that is unique in the industry.  

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