Reiloy USA Service

For us, the relationship with you does not end with the sale of an injection or extrusion component. Plastic injection and extrusion solutions are complex. Therefore, make it easy for yourself and trust the world's largest network for plastics injection and extrusion components - the Reifenhäuser Group. Our technical sales team at Reiloy USA is available to support your processing needs. 


Our Promise

We ensure your operations never skip a beat, providing swift access to both new and expertly reconditioned barrels and screws. We strive to get our customers what they want, when they want it - even before they know they need it.

That’s why our list of services is as diversified as it is.


Our List of Services

Reiloy USA provides you with a service that ensures the prompt availability of both new and reconditioned barrels, screws, valves, and end caps. 

Discover customized beneifts

Considering New Barrels and Screws?

Following your order of new barrels or screws, this is how we proceed:

  • We process your order, considering your anticipated requirements for the upcoming year
  • Next, we share prints of the required components with you for approval.
  • Your feedback ensures alignment with your specifications.
  • Once approved, we manufacture the components precisely according to the print specifications.
  • They are then prepared for identification and returned. 

Discover the cost-effective benefits

Screw and Barrel Refurbishment

Have you ever considered reconditioned screws and barrels? Refurbishment can be a cost-effective alternative to investing in new screws or barrels. An additional potential advantage is a shorter delivery lead time, but this is based on size and application. If you decide for refurbished screws and barrels, this is how we proceed:

  • We receive the barrel or screw in need of repair, clean (may require a fee), and inspect them.  
  • We notify you of the recommended repair requirements, type of materials to be used and repair cost, prior to the commencement of work.
  • After receiving your approval of the repair work, we complete the agreed upon repairs, ready for identification, and return the component(s). 


Stocking Program

Take advantage of our stocking program to minimize your downtime risks and enhance your profitability through productivity.

  • We ensure the rapid availability of finished screws and barrels - this can be a significant advantage, especially in case of short-term downtimes of your line.
  • The availability of spare parts ensures that you receive rapid support and downtimes are reduced to a minimum. 
  • Regular maintenance and prompt repairs help you to maintain the optimum performance of your line.

Ensure seamless operations

Component Handling and Shipping

We are committed to ensuring that your injection molding process runs smoothly. To this end, we focus our attention on everything from component handling to efficient shipping.

Barrel and Screw Marking

  • Each barrel or screw undergoes precise marking with identifying numbers.
  • These components are meticulously packaged for shipment and promptly placed in consigned inventory, ready for immediate dispatch.

Monthly Inventory Report

  • Our commitment extends to providing you with a comprehensive monthly report.
  • This report covers all barrels and screws currently in process and those residing in the consigned inventory, awaiting shipment.

Efficient Shipping

  • When you request components, we act swiftly.
  • Within 24 business hours, your ordered items are shipped to you.

Invoicing & Payment

  • Upon shipment, we invoice you for the agreed-upon component costs.
  • Rest assured, there are no stocking fees or carrying charges associated with this service.

Unshipped Inventory Management

  • Unshipped components remain securely stored in Reiloy USA’s consigned inventory for up to one year.

Restocking Policy

  • Should orders be returned for utilization in our stocking program, a restocking fee applies.
  • Clarity in purchase orders ensures smooth inventory management.


Expert Consultation

At Reiloy USA, we believe that every injection molding process holds untapped potential. Our dedicated consultation service is designed to maximize your efficiency, enhance performance, and optimize your production line. Whether you’re considering upsizing or downsizing your injection unit, our experts guide you toward solutions that elevate your operations.

Upsizing Your Injection Unit

Have you ever considered upsizing your injection unit? By replacing specific components like the barrel, screw, valve, and end cap, you can expand the capacity of your existing unit without a complete overhaul. Factors such as the hydraulic system’s capacity, barrel design, and the type of resins processed play a crucial role in determining the feasibility of this enhancement.

Data Requirements for Upsizing Injection Molding Machine

Downsizing Your Injection Unit

Is your injection unit underutilized due to consistently producing small shot sizes? It might be time to explore downsizing. This process involves replacing key components, such as the barrel, screw, valve, and end cap, to better match your production needs. We ensure that the new components maintain sufficient yield strength, even when handling higher injection pressures resulting from downsizing.

Data Requirements for Downsizing Injection Molding Machine